Holiday Rental Cleaning


  • Of course, you want your money back from DPS!
  • Of course, this deposit has to be back to your pocket!
  • Of course, your Holiday Rental Cleaning has to be amazing and has to be done by trusted professionals!
  • Of Course, this are the Reasons to book with Posh Cleaning!

Why “POSH” for Holiday Rental Cleaning London?

  • Simply, Because you want 5* Experience for you Guest. Posh Cleaning is using the Most Proffesional and Safety Products for your Holiday Property – we know your guests are visiting with their most precious Kids, Pets…sometimes they have specific needs – allergies, health issues – that’s why we always use Trusted Eco – Products and materials.
  • We will leave your property spotless clean and safe for your guests and any healthy needs they might have.
  • Your clients are our number 1 priority Your business is as important to us as it is to you. We know how the quality of your Holiday Place Cleaning has a massive impact on your guest’s experience.
  • Posh Cleaning is an experienced and trusted Holiday Rental Cleaning company in London, choosed by the most successful AirBNB entrepreneurs and Rental Investors.
  • We know what they want to see. Let us make it Outstanding and Posh!
  • You don”t need to provide anything – All our products are ECO-friendly and we will bring them with us, together with all the professional equipment needed.
Studio Flat from £75
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the bitterness of poor quality reminds long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

posh isn’t just the name

posh is a standart