One off / Deep Cleaning


  • We all do our regular daily Cleaning in the place we live.
  • Hoover , dust, kitchen plot….but when we talk “deep Cleaning” – that’s where our job starts. This is a Cleaning normally done every 3 to 6 months and it is covering all the areas not been covered by our daily Cleaning.
  • We would talk about your professional Carpet Cleaning, Professional Oven cleaning, windows inside and outside , all kitchen cupboard , fridge and freezer insides e.c.t. Touching and Cleaning not so visible corners and places.
  • Of Course, this are the Reasons to book with Posh Cleaning!

Why “POSH” for One off Deep Cleaning Cleaning London?

  • We are dedicated and hard working Team, we know the value of a good hygiene and well managed home. Our aim is the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our cleaners are well trained to develop good eye for details and detective skills for dirt’s hidden spots and areas.
  • Together with your light cleaning duty, we will cover every inch of your place and will remove any unwanted dust, dirt and mess.
  • We are unstoppable when it comes to quality of service and cleaningness, so we work per job Done – not per hour.
  • We make sure Posh Team only leave the premises when your place is all Deep Clean and spotless. That’s our secret for customer’s satisfaction.
Studio Flat from £75
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the bitterness of poor quality reminds long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

posh isn’t just the name

posh is a standart